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Multiple Choice Portal Picker

Question asked by NaturSalus on Sep 20, 2012
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Multiple Choice Portal Picker



Every time that I need to choose a value from a lengthy (> 100 items)  value list I use Phil Caulkins Picker demo (enhancedvalueselection).


Let's say that I need to add different values to a field on an entry portal.

To do that, there is as entry button that, when clicked by the user, fires a script that brings in a pop up window with a filtered selection portal from which the user can select the desired value. Once the user clicks on the desired value it is added to a row in the entry portal. 

This process can be repeated as many times as needed.

This has been my method of choice for selecting values from a lengthy value list since Phil patiently taught me his method.


The “new” challenge that I am facing is selecting values from three fields: Category, Subcategory and Rubric.

This time there user has to choose values from three related fields (Category --< Subcategory --< Rubric): first from the Category, then from the Subcategory and finally from the Rubric field.

So once the pop up window shows the selection portal with values for the Category, Subcategory and Rubric fields, I need a way to filter for the values of each field: first filter for Category values, then for Subcategory values and finally for Rubric values.

The rest of the process: selecting the desired value and adding them to the entry portal would be the same as for the selection of just one value.

In my current setting the three fields belong to the same table: Rubric, because they are different levels of describing the same entity: a “rubric”. But I understand that I would have to split them into 3 tables, if needed, in order to filter the selection portal.


     My question is: what is teh best way to filter the selection portal for the values of three fields?

I really don't know what strategy to pursue:

  •           a modification of Phil's enhancedvalueselection approach
  •           a hierarchical portal
  •           or what?