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Multiple clients editing the same file

Question asked by DavisSmith on Jun 5, 2015


Multiple clients editing the same file


Basically, my problem is I have a quote form hosted on FM server that people use to give quotes customers. I recently made a number of changes to the old system (offline) and then I put the new system online. The main problem that has came up is that it seems like everyone is editing the same copy. In essence, this makes it so only 1 person can use the quote form at a time because they would be editing someone else's data that is also using it.

My thoughts on a solution was to make a new record on layout load which made you able to edit text fields independently but any calculation fields behaved strangely (calculating only using data from the first record.)

My problem with people editing the same file/records not working could stem from the same issue, but I'm hoping there is an easier fix because I'm not sure where to start with fixing my relationships.

Heres a picture of my relationships. Some insight as to why its setup the way it is: I have different drop down options that I pull from different fields so that people less familiar with filemaker can edit the prices and names of entries.