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    Multiple clients to one database



      Multiple clients to one database


      Hi all, 

      I want to set up a FM-database for 3 clients. In this database this 3 clients can register their customers for providing financial advice for their products by our company. I want to create 1 database, so I can make a report of my 3 (delivery) clients for my own use. So the 3 tables (each client have their own table) must be linked to 1 table.

      At the moment i have the database running for 1 client. I based the current database on the included template "contactlist".

      Now i have to add the 2 other clients. They may not see/edit each other's fields. So by differents security levels, logins (i think) they can only log in/edit  their own tables.

      What customers can enter:
      Customer ID (only their own client)

      What customers should only see:
      Results advice (only their own client)

      Anyone have any idea how to be organized?

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          Yes, don't separate the data into separate tables for each client. I know that seems simpler and and an easy way to keep all the data securely separate, but there are ways to accomplish that with combined tables and it will make your report much easier. If you insist on spearte tables, you have keep adding tables and layouts for each new client and you'll have to merge all the records into a combined table for reporting purposes anyway.

          You can set up your tables so that each record is tagged with a customer ID. You can then use Manage Security to limit each client's access to only their records. Fully implemented, it will be difficult for them to even know that the other clients exist--though using FileMaker Advanced to set up some custom menus to better control some of the options in the Record menu would be a good thing to do here.

          To get you started, look up "Editing record access privileges" in FileMaker help and pay close attention to the sub section titled: "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis".