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Multiple clients to one database

Question asked by MartijnBruggeman on Dec 13, 2010
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Multiple clients to one database


Hi all, 

I want to set up a FM-database for 3 clients. In this database this 3 clients can register their customers for providing financial advice for their products by our company. I want to create 1 database, so I can make a report of my 3 (delivery) clients for my own use. So the 3 tables (each client have their own table) must be linked to 1 table.

At the moment i have the database running for 1 client. I based the current database on the included template "contactlist".

Now i have to add the 2 other clients. They may not see/edit each other's fields. So by differents security levels, logins (i think) they can only log in/edit  their own tables.

What customers can enter:
Customer ID (only their own client)

What customers should only see:
Results advice (only their own client)

Anyone have any idea how to be organized?