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Multiple Conditional List

Question asked by FilipePimentel on Oct 18, 2013
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Multiple Conditional List


     Good day, 

     I am kind of new with FileMaker and I am creating an accounts db. I am stuck on the creation of conditional lists to cascade to a final selection. What I mean: 

  1.           User will start program and select one out of 4 companies (Cia 1, Cia 2, Cia 3 and Cia 4)
  3.           Depending on the company selection, a list of departments will be made available: I.e. If Cia 1 only Services, Sales and Constructions will be available /  If Cia 2 only Jd2 and Jd3 available / if Cia 3 only CFCA and CFCB available. And if Cia4 only Driving available. 
  5.           Then, depending on the selection of each departament (Services, Sales, etc), a list of option will be made available to each of option. Some will be the same (global option - available to any department selection).
  7.           then after that the user would be set to start entering the information like, amounts, dates, etc...

     I hope I was clear enough. 


     Thanks for all you help