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Multiple criteria in scripted find

Question asked by brianpatterson on Jan 23, 2014
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Multiple criteria in scripted find


     My Filemaker Pro database has primary and secondary contacts in the contact table, with first name, last name and email in separate fields. I want to allow the user to execute a find script by clicking the enter key on any of these fields. However, the onobjectkeystroke does not activate my script; the built in find behavior prevails.

     Unfortunately, neither my user nor her customers know which of the two contacts is primary and which is secondary. Thus, I must create a search which will take the names (first and last) and search both primary and secondary name fields. I can't find much in the help file on scripted finds.

     I have three questions

     1.     How to I keep filemaker from hijacking my enter key?

     2.     Please give me an idea of how to write the script I need.

     3.     Should I rewrite the table to move contacts to a separate table in accordance with good normalization practices?