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Multiple criteria validation

Question asked by RonJennings on Oct 16, 2013
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Multiple criteria validation


     I'm trying to figure out a field validation calculation based on all of the following criteria:

     1) Validation only occurs if the record was created on or after a specified date (I think I've got that part worked out but possibly getting bollixed up by syntax (parentheses & commas)).  This is necessary because they have 50K records and are just now adding this field but they need to be certain it gets entered from now on. Browsing or modification of data in other fields of records created prior to the specified date can't be allowed to cause the database to start flipping out with validation messages (which will be turned on).

     2) Value cannot be negative

     3) Value can equal 0 OR be equal to or greater than the value of Field A (but not be between 0 and the value of Field A). Field A is already validated as equal to or greater than 0 and must be entered based on the same date criteria mentioned in #1.

     If the value entered violates any of the conditions, I want the user notified immediately, not when they try to leave the record.


     Side question, is there a SIMPLE way to do conditional field colors?  I mean "if value is negative or 0 then background color is red" It seems like something as basic as this should be an option in the Graphic section of the Inspector or something under Data. I know there are some coding options for it but they seem unnecessarily long ways to skin a basic cat.

     Thanks in advance for any help/tips.