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    Multiple Currency Conversion



      Multiple Currency Conversion


      I have two fields: A & B. Field A contains a dropdown list of 4 currencies whilst field B reflects a numeric value associated with the selected currency.

      Is there a way that l can include a script that will take my selected currency in Field A and the value in B and apply a currency conversion that would be displayed in new fields

      The goal is to input a US$/Euro/Yen/£ value and see not only the base currency but also the conversion into US$/Euro/Yen/£.


      Any advise would be appreciated and thanks in advance








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          I don't think you need a script for this.


          Make a table with two fields and call it "CurrencyValues"

          CurrType (text)

          ConvFactor (Number)


          Put a matching field for CurrType in your main table and make this your drop down menu.


          Make a relationship between your main table and CurrencyValues:



          Define a conversion calculation and use it as either an auto-entered number or a calculated field

          Maintable::UnconvertedCurrency * CurrencyValues::ConvFactor


          Make sense?

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            Thanks Phil,


            I am sure it makes perfect sense, however, l am a newbie to the back end and am grappling with your explanation. I think l have established the relationship between the two tables but am unable to complete the final lap!!


            Any chance of putting some meat onto your explanation, please?


            Eternally grateful




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              In a layout that refers to your main table, place the MainTable::CurrType field on this layout and format it to use a drop down list. Set up the value list for this drop down list to list all the values from CurrencyValues::CurrType.


              Place the MainTable::UnconvertedCurrency field on this layout also.


              Define a calculation field "ConvertedCurrency" in the Main table as Maintable::UnconvertedCurrency * CurrencyValues::ConvFactor. Set it to return the number data type.


              Place this field on the layout.


              Enter Browse mode and enter a number in UnconvertedCurrency. Select a currency type from the drop down menu and you should see the converted value appear in MainTable::ConvertedCurrency.

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                Thank you very much-you got me there.


                All the best