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Multiple Currency Conversion

Question asked by TeddyBear on Jun 7, 2014
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Multiple Currency Conversion


     I have three fields: A, B, C.
  •           Field A contains date of payment.
  •           Field B is amount of selected currency.
  •           Field C is a drop-down associated with the selected currency.
     Is there a way that l can include a script that will take my selected currency in Field A and the value in B and apply a currency conversion that would be displayed in new fields
     The goal is to input a $/€/£ value and see not only the base currency but also the conversion into $ whats rate will be input manual daily.  In attached screenshot, all fields from right, must be converted in USD.
     PS! i takes a look at Multiple Currency Conversion
     but don't understand how to do it using  PhilModJunk's example.
     Any advise would be appreciated and thanks in advance