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mUltiple customers, each with multiple records

Question asked by tiffanyb on Aug 29, 2009
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mUltiple customers, each with multiple records


Hi. I have an interior decorating business and I need instructions on how to set up a database with multiple tables. I have already set up 3 of those tables. 1 for general information about the customer, 2nd for tracking options and inventory that the customers have purchased or budgeted to purchase, 3rd for invoicing these customers. 

Right now i am trying to figure out a setup that will allow me to go to one customer and enter in several items such as a sofa, table, lamp, etc that they have purchased (and the details about the item including price and pictures) with each item being a separate record under that customer. 

Then I would like the database to allow me to sort that inventory into a table (in tab view) by room. For example, when i click the "living room" tab I show a table that contains each item (record) that was either purchased or not for that specific room. Then check another tab and see other items/records that were purchased for the "dining room". I also need for each item purchased to calculate or subtract from a given budget.

How would I accomplish this?