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Multiple Database problem

Question asked by NilsMortenAlexandersen on Jul 30, 2012
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Multiple Database problem


 Hello Forum

I am a newbie, so please forgive me if my question is sub standard ;-)

I am currently building an IT inventory database, along with a separate database for User Manuals relating to the IT equipment. The Inventory DB has Categories like Server, Workstation, blablabla....

One manual can relate to more that one peace of equipment, so sub categories are used to tag the user manual to more than one (as one user manual is stored only once). The User Manual DB has an identical Category list as the Inventory database

I am able (w ith my limited skills set to display a list of all the user manuals inside the Inventory database, along with the "Downlosd User Manual button that i have managed to create. So far so good ...

The problem is.

When i press a Download button for a spesific entry .... what i get is the User Manual that is currently selected in the User Manual DB

What I really need is the following

When i browse a record in  the Inventory database and presses the USER MANUAL button, I want a list presented that only contains entries in the USER MANUAL DB that has the same Categori as the currently browsed record in the Inventory DB

When i select the DOWNLOAD button I need something that gives me the user manual I want ... and not what is currently selected in the User Manual DB

Any Ideas ?


Thanks in advance