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    Multiple Databases



      Multiple Databases


      I created a ticket system for techs. Attached to that create a ticket database i have a list that is called "view all ticket list" this shows all tickets dispatched w status. Now i have an admin database how can i link that view ticket list with the admin. So boss can see all tickets being created daily?


      Also does anyone know of a tutorial for creating calculations for a timesheet? Just simple payrate + hrs + overtime equals pay amount. Thanks!!

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          There are several ways.

          One basic approach is to put a button on your admin layout that performs a script in the other file. The script in the other file can select the appropriate layout and perform a find to list all records with today's creation date. (Assuming you have a field in that table that auto-enters today's date when the record is created.)

          There are several threads here on the forum that discus timesheet calculations. You can also post a description of what you need to the forum for a discussion of how to both structure the table, layout and setup the calculation. (They're interelated and design choices made in one area will affect your options in others.)

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            The script which is the report view exists in the first database their a way just to link the script to a button on the admin site? or do i have to import everything? And yes i do have a date feature.

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              When you set up a button to perform a script, you can select a script from another filemaker file to be performed. Then, when you click the button, filemaker will open that file unless it is already run and run the selected script. You may need to use a select window script in the other file to make sure its window pops to the front.

              If both files are password protected, you'd also need to make sure the same account name and password is defined in both files or you'll get a request for a password when you click the button.