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multiple databases and layouts

Question asked by tsmea on Feb 12, 2015
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multiple databases and layouts


I am new to FileMaker Pro.  I recently converted and ooooold access database to FM.  Because of the way the information was related in the old database, I now have multiple databases.  I have two questions...

When I am in one database, and create "layouts" based on the information in another database.  Is said information from the other database now stored in this one?  I'd like to only have one database.

When trying to merge (import) in data from another database in order to simplify.  I run into a problem.  The information I am trying to import, has multiple pieces of information based on one file component.  So my main indentifier is UNITID.  In the database I am trying to import, I could have up to 30 pieces of information based on an individual UNITID, and it will only import one of them.  I am unsure of how to accomplish what I need.