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Multiple databases in a run-time solution

Question asked by scodoc on Apr 30, 2014
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Multiple databases in a run-time solution


     I am considering using Filemaker Advanced 13 to create a run-time application. Reading through the FM Adv documentation, I am confused about the issue of creating, opening, closing files as crippled by creating a run-time. The document seems to say I cannot open or create files from a run-time.

     Here is what I want to do. The user may have, lets call them, Projects. Each is a stand-alone database of information. Basically, I want separate file sets (folders) for each project as they often have nothing to do with each other, can be quite large, contain hundreds (or thousands) of externally stored container files, and need to be shared or copied to others on the project.

     I want to be able to open at least two projects at a time so that some data from one project can be transferred or re-used in another project. Effectively it is two instances of the database (with different names). If the user wants to start a new project, I want to start with a blank database using a different arbitrary name supplied by the user. But the user may want to transfer some information from an existing project to the new project.

     According to the documentation, the open and create commands are disabled.

     If the run-time application is bound to specific file names, how do I handle having many projects with arbitrary names? Or am I misunderstanding the documentation?

     Using the normal version of Filemaker, I simply open/create two instances of the database. Or open as an external source. Am I going to have problems doing this as a run-time?