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    multiple dates in Find mode



      multiple dates in Find mode


      Hello all:

      newby question here...

      I want to find records within a time spread of a year. I have been trying to follow the FTS chapter on finding records, and I can see what you input into your date field, but the search does not yield what I would like. I also have tried writing a script, but have yet to master that skill.

      So, the Find in the date field seems to be the easiest thing to try, can some one please explain that to me??

      thanks in advance..

      all the best,


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          Enter Find mode, go to the date field, enter the start date then three dots then the end date. This is how to find a range of dates.

          If you want to multiple specific dates: enter find mode, go to date field and enter one date, then still in find mode create a new find request (cmd N) enter in next date, continue like this so that you have multiple find requests, then click find.

          All of this is scriptable as well.

          Hope this helps

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            Thanks for the replt Alan, I realised that my find will have to be a little more complex, probably need a scrpt. Here is what I have.

            I have a portal that holds records of tasks completed. there are three fields that I need to focus on.

            One is the pesonnel type that did a task on a given day

            One is the date, I need a span from 1 Jan 2010 thru 15 Nov 2010.

            The other  field is the task time taken on that day by the the individual personnel.

            So I guess my script looks like this in rough form:

            Personnel Type  + Status + Task Date (Jan 1 2020 thru 15 Nov 2010) + time spent = total hours( for the time requested for each person)

            So basically what I am looking for is a list of People and the total hours that they  worked from Jan 1 2010 thru Nov 15 2010

            I will plug away, but any help gratefully accepted..

            all the best,


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              Is the data you are searching displayed in a portal (that's what it sounds like), or directly in a layout.

              If your records are listed in a portal, set up a layout based on the portal records and search it, specifying the date range just as alan subscribed.

              Depending on the way you've structured your records, you may need to set up a summary report with a sub - summary part sorted to group the records by person with a summary field computing the total hours for each.

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                Hi Phil:

                yes in a portal:

                I see I will need to hit the books now...never done summary and sub summary reports.

                sounds like fun..

                thanks for the reply...


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                  I will give that a go, I think I need a week of Filemaker training...:-)