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Multiple db files and privileges

Question asked by KenS on Dec 14, 2009
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Multiple db files and privileges


My db spans 3 files, Main/UI, Calendar, and Data. I have two levels of privilege at the moment (more to be added) for admin ("full access") and for "user" specific. The user specific has priviledges limited by a comparison in tables to a global field containing a user identifier, which is set in the file opening script. If I open the Main file with user level privleges, close the window, re-open the file and login in as admin the privileges for the main file are at admin level while the privileges for calendar and data files are at the user privileges. Note, I dont actually have windows open into the Calendar and Data files, just table references from inside the main/ui file. If I quit FMP and re-open the file at admin level privileges for all files are at admin level.  How can this be?


Using FMP 10 Advanced on Mac OS X 10.6.1