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Multiple document category total in one invoice

Question asked by Socio.t on Jul 29, 2009
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Multiple document category total in one invoice


Hello everyone,


I'm trying create an invoice that includes multiple expense sheets that are related to one client and one project.


In my company we work by projects. Every project has a client associated.

As we generate expenses related to the projects that are later being included in the client bill, we identified that it would be nice to be able to generate the client invoives just by clicking the expense sheets that are related to him in a determined project.


So the idea is that when I select a client and a project I'm able to see all the expenses sheets that are related to that client and project. After that just select the expense sheets that I want to include in the invoice and it would make the calculations, returning a report with the expense sheets sum by category, since every expense in the expense sheet has a category (like food, material, transportation,...).


By now I have four tables:

Clients: Client code; Client name

Projects: Project code; Project name; Client code

Expenses: Expense code; Expense Sheet code; Project code; Expense category; Expense description; Expense value; Total

Expense Sheets: Expense sheet code; Expense code; Sheet total


1. How can I make it show the list of expense sheet related both to client and projec?

2. How can I select the expense shees and generate an invoice with the expense sheets total sum that sorts it by expense category?


I already tried looking for forums and tested every idea I had, but already getting out of ideas.


I will thank you if you can share with me some ideas. I really need them.


Thank you a lot.


Best regards,