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multiple dropdowns from one diminishing value list

Question asked by symbister on Jun 23, 2013
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multiple dropdowns from one diminishing value list


     Hi again

     Building a theatre performance database with multiple Productions with multiple Performances...each Performance can have a different price structure, say:

     Perf A:
     Full price is $20.00 (Discount A)
     Concession is $16.00 (Discount B)
     Member is $15.00 (Discount C)

     Perf B:
     Full is $17.50 (Disc A)
     Conc is $12.00 (Disc B)
     Group is $10.00 (Disc C) ....etc

     up to about 10 unique price codes (A thru K) per Performance, so I have a Performances layout with a Discount portal where the user can select the ten discount codes, and add the prices, starting with Discount A, with a drop down of the possible 30 discount codes, then select a Discount B from the discount codes, but now that list has been reduced to 29, as one has been chosen...

     how can I achieve this - I've got a Discount Table with up to ten discount records for each performance, but need a diminishing value list each time one is selected.... and how do I set a value to set up the relationship ?

     WIP screenshot - for obvious reasons the user can't be allowed to enter two discounts with the same code

     any help - as ever - appreciated