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    multiple dropdowns from one diminishing value list



      multiple dropdowns from one diminishing value list


           Hi again

           Building a theatre performance database with multiple Productions with multiple Performances...each Performance can have a different price structure, say:

           Perf A:
           Full price is $20.00 (Discount A)
           Concession is $16.00 (Discount B)
           Member is $15.00 (Discount C)

           Perf B:
           Full is $17.50 (Disc A)
           Conc is $12.00 (Disc B)
           Group is $10.00 (Disc C) ....etc

           up to about 10 unique price codes (A thru K) per Performance, so I have a Performances layout with a Discount portal where the user can select the ten discount codes, and add the prices, starting with Discount A, with a drop down of the possible 30 discount codes, then select a Discount B from the discount codes, but now that list has been reduced to 29, as one has been chosen...

           how can I achieve this - I've got a Discount Table with up to ten discount records for each performance, but need a diminishing value list each time one is selected.... and how do I set a value to set up the relationship ?

           WIP screenshot - for obvious reasons the user can't be allowed to enter two discounts with the same code

           any help - as ever - appreciated


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               What does one record on your sample layout represent?

               While I can definitely see why you'd need a conditional value list so that selecting the performance populated the drop down list with the correct list of discount codes and matches them to the correct values for that performance, I'm having trouble picturing why such a list needs to diminish...

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                 Thanks Phil, I'm in the process of reworking this, not going to use a Discounts table to try and keep the structure simpler (unless I have to), so layout is Performances, with a new record for each Performance, related to Productions. First the user selects which Production season he's entering data for, then time, date etc, then enters the discount codes and prices to be allocated to those codes. Having chosen, for example 'Full' as Discount A, the code 'Full' should not be available to choose for any of the Discounts B-K.


                 'Productions' has fields;
                 Title of Show
                 Production Company...etc

                 'Performances' has fields:


                 We're not populating the discount codes by selecting the performance, rather we're allocating up to ten discount codes (out of a Value List choice of about 16) to that performance and entering the relevant price for each one..

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                   Simpler isn't always better and often leads to more complexity down the road. Sounds like you need these relationships:


                   And then you'd use a portal to Performance_Discounts to select the desired discounts categories and either enter the discount amounts/rates or look them up from Discounts (depends on your business model).

                   And that could very much benefit from a diminishing or dwindling value list of Discounts. That would keep you from accidentally selecting the same discount twice. It's also possible to display what looks and functions as a check box list where you select the desired discount options for a given performance by clicking "check box" controls listed in a portal.

                   Both options are demo'd in this many to many demo file:https://www.dropbox.com/s/oyir7cs0yxmbn6i/ManyToManywDemoWExtras.fp7