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Multiple emails from File Maker Pro

Question asked by on Jul 7, 2010
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Multiple emails from File Maker Pro


I am realtively new user of FileMaker - and have been trying to figure out how to send a personalized - mass email from FileMaker. For example: I want to send out membership renewal emails to all outstanding members that include their first name, their membership number and the amount owed - all fields in our database.

I have been successful with the set of this - to a point - Using the Send Mail function I was able to create a script that would send 'multiple emails' One for each record in the found set. I created the email using the specify calculations button on the message section. and made sure to click the perform without dialog check box.

However, when I run the script I still get an message box from Outlook "A program is trying to perform an action that may result in an email message being sent on your behalf." I have to click 'Allow' for each email that goes out .. so if I'm tryiing to send out 300 renewal emails I must click Allow 300 times.

Is there anyway to get rid of this message? I have searched online for outlook solutions to the problem but can't seem to find anything that works.

If anyone has any suggestsions I would greatly appreciate it.