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Multiple Employee ID's In Same Record_Calculation_Portal

Question asked by cmartin on Mar 3, 2014
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Multiple Employee ID's In Same Record_Calculation_Portal


     Appreciate any guidance on the following:

     I have employees who provide consultancy at specific service locations.

     I have three tables: 

Employees with fields ID, Surname, Lastname, Fullname

Services with fields ID, Servicename, Servicelocation

Services Detail with fields ID, ServicesID, Date, EmployeeID

     I have these relationships:

     Services------<Service detail>------Employee

     Service detail records are created on a portal on the Services layout.

     Employee layout has a portal showing service detail records of the Date, Service Name and Service Location where the employee provided consultancy.

     At present only one employee attends one service which is recorded through the one employeeID on the Service Detail table. I am now required to add two further employees per service on any given date.  So a service would require to record the presence of three employees on the same date as shift 1, shift 2, shift 3 with the input being the employee ID.

     Is it viable to keep the same structure and just add the three new fields to the service detail table? Is it also viable to just have the same single portal on the employee layout that will show service detail and which shift the employee worked?