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Multiple Entries in One Field?

Question asked by ElizabethMarkevitch on Nov 28, 2014
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Multiple Entries in One Field?


I'm struggling to find a solution for the following.

My database contains records for video productions. For each video production I need to have an area that inventories all the occasions that a certain production was licensed. It would be a single searchable field with multiple entries, with each entry containing the following information: 

Time period (ex: December 1 - February 1, 2014), Company name, Ref #

Ultimately, I would need these entries to be searchable by time period/range and the other areas in the entry.

What would be the very easiest solution for this? Can this be done with a simple field that allows for multiple-separate entries or must it be a table? I am not very familiar with setting up tables with scripts, but I could learn from tutorials if I knew what I should be searching for.