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    Multiple Entries to one Field



      Multiple Entries to one Field


           Maybe this is really obvious, but I'm just not seeing what I need here.  The database I'm trying to create is going to have certain fields that may only have one entry, but could occasionally have a large number of entries.  I don't know ahead of time how many I'm going to need and then furthermore, the field that follows is associated to the number of entries.  Like this

                          Title                     Copies                     Location
                          Exhibit A                     First Copy                     Cabinet A
                                                Second Copy                     Cabinet B
                          Exhibit B                     Only Copy                     Cabinet A
                          Exhibit C                     First Copy                     Cabinet C
                                                Second Copy                     Cabinet C

           Does that make sense?  I'm really new to this sofware and kinda got thrown into it, if anyone could help that would be fantastic.  Thanks!

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               Not really.

               What I see should all be single values to a field, but with multiple related records. By using a related table of records You can have one Record for the title (Exhibit A) linked to two records in a related table, one for each copy and the location where it is stored

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                 So then do I need to go to the layout mode and add a bunch of fields that I may not need for every entry?


                 I just wish there was a plus button beside a field that would allow me to create a duplicate field when needed. 

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                   You do not create any extra fields, you create additional records in the related table on an "as needed" basis. Look up "portal" in FileMaker Help and any training materials that you have.


                   Documents::__pkDocumentID = Copies::_fkDocumentID

                   For now, enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for Copies in this relationship.

                   Put a portal to Copies on your Documents layout and you can add Records (portal rows) in the Copies table simply by entering data into a blank row in the portal. With a scroll bar in the portal, there is no practical limit to the number of related records that you can create in the portal to document the location of different copies of your documents.

                   For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

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                     Alright, I kind of understand, but I'm not following how to make more than one record in the created table.  I'm tabbing to new rows, but when I view in a table, there's still only the first two entries.


                     Sorry, I realize I'm really basic here. 

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                       When you "view in what table"? What exactly do you mean by that?

                       Are you able to add new rows of data in a portal?

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                         Hi Bob:  Can you give  some more specifics around what you are trying to keep track of?  

                         Phil is right in that you will nee to create not multiple fields but rather a related table which would keep track of instances.

                         Stay locked on the concept of a one to many relationship between your "Exhibits" and
                         Copies" and "Locations" using a portal.