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Multiple Entries to one Field

Question asked by BobBuilder on Jun 12, 2014
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Multiple Entries to one Field


     Maybe this is really obvious, but I'm just not seeing what I need here.  The database I'm trying to create is going to have certain fields that may only have one entry, but could occasionally have a large number of entries.  I don't know ahead of time how many I'm going to need and then furthermore, the field that follows is associated to the number of entries.  Like this

                    Title                     Copies                     Location
                    Exhibit A                     First Copy                     Cabinet A
                                          Second Copy                     Cabinet B
                    Exhibit B                     Only Copy                     Cabinet A
                    Exhibit C                     First Copy                     Cabinet C
                                          Second Copy                     Cabinet C

     Does that make sense?  I'm really new to this sofware and kinda got thrown into it, if anyone could help that would be fantastic.  Thanks!