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Multiple Field Relationships

Question asked by BobbyQuintal on Aug 17, 2011
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Multiple Field Relationships



I'm having trouble with a recipe costing database we are trying to make. Basically I have a master table called General Ingredient list, with every possible ingredient item and its unit and costing information in each record.

I then have another layout called PCA's, which is supposed to take the final menu item, and list all of its ingredients and packaging with their associated units and costs.

The problem we're having is relating the units to each individual ingredient. For example, let's take a pork sandwich. I find my pork shoulder in a value list that is pulling from General Ingredient List, and the the unit shows up as Pound, the price is correct and everything is great.

Then I try and select my second ingredient, bread, and when i do, the units and pricing is that of pork shoulder, even though their on separate lines. Most of our menu items have at list 5 -8 ingredients and inorder to cost them properly, we need each ingredient to pull its own information.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!