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Multiple fields filled by Drop down List

Question asked by PeterDowns on Aug 25, 2011
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Multiple fields filled by Drop down List



I have a portal listing costings for various activities which users add to. At the moment one of the fields (costingType) is a drop down list with activity type eg: air travel or car travel or guest speaker. This data is prepopulated from a table called ExpenseTypes - field: ExpenseType. 

In the expenseTypes table is also an ID field plus a cost field eg:

ID    Expense Type                   Cost
1     Air Travel (Syd - Dubbo)     $423.50
2.    Air Travel (Syd - Bx)          $395.80 

In this portal is another field called Item_Cost. What I would like to do is when you select the expense type in the drop down list to fill 'costingType' it also automatically fills the Item_Cost field in the portal as well with the relevant expense. So the drop down list while attached to 1 field fills 2 fields.

Any help appreciated.