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Multiple file password

Question asked by RickWhitelaw on Jun 3, 2009
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Multiple file password




I have a multi-file solution, 8 files including the help file, that is quite extensive. So far I use it myself and it saves me countless hours of drudgery. Given the solution has a very small potential market, and that I have no desire to supply (or pay someone else to provide) tech support, I've decided not to market it and simply reap the considerable benefits the solution offers to my business. I am, however, considering letting a couple of colleagues have (empty) copies of the software. I will set up a new account(s) and privilege set(s) to lock the solution down appropriately. My question, and I've scoured manuals and forums for an answer, is: if I set up identical accounts, privilege sets and passwords for each of the files, will a user be able to log into any one file with a password and have the entire solution (all 8 files) at his/her disposal without having to enter account/password information for each file? I know that on Mac machines KeyChain Access will take care of this after the first login, but what about the first time? I understand I could script this first-time login to multiple files from any of the files, but don't know if it's necessary.


Thanks in advance for any advice,