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Multiple Filemaker Licences on One Computer?

Question asked by BERGSTEN on Feb 18, 2011


Multiple Filemaker Licences on One Computer?


Hi there,

I have a shop computer (PC) that is used for our employees to use our database while in our warehouse. On this computer, we have an Admin and the shop user accounts. Each have separate access priviledges for Windows. We had previously had a copy of FMP8 running on the Admin's user account and a separate licence on the shop account for FMP8.5 so we don't have to log in and out of filemaker every time we switch Windows user names.

I purchased two copies of FMP11 and succesfully installed it on the Admin account, but the second copy is not succesfully installing on the shop account. It keeps trying to update the initial install of 11 on the Admin account.

We need two separate licences so that we can run the database from two accounts at the same time based on their computer login. That way, the admin and the shop employees can log in and log out of the computer and leave Filemaker running so that no one has to relaunch and login to Filemaker.

Has anyone else had to do this or know why I can't do this with two copies of 11?