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    Multiple Filemaker Sessions



      Multiple Filemaker Sessions


      Is there a way to have multiple Filemaker sessions open on the same computer? Since I have two monitors, I want to be able to reference different databases on each monitor, instead of having one Filemaker session opening and flipping between the two database files. Thanks.

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          Windows or Mac?

          I came close to this on Windows once by stretching the filemaker application window until it covered both monitors. I could then put different windows on each half of the application window so that one appeared on each monitor. (One monitor was a projector whose display I controlled from a window on a second monitor.)

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            I'm working with Windows. When I try to stretch one of the files, it only stretches to the size of the one monitor. And I can't move any of the files to the other monitor screen either.

            From your response, I understand that I can't open two different sessions, correct?

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              I'm not sure, I didn't try that option. I was able to stretch from one monitor to the other with no trouble. It wasn't my computer so the ability may depend on system settings selected by someone else that I don't normally have to mess with.

              Can you drag the entire filemaker window from one monitor to the other?

              If you drag the window so that half is on monitor one and half on monitor two, can you then stretch it out to fill both?

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                Also, do you have the function to go to a split screen - where the screen splits and you can have 2 files open next to each other. It is usually accessible by shortcut using a function key. Then you could stretch so that one file shows on each monitor.

                Alternatively, check the monitor settings are set up correctly since you should be able to drag files to the 2nd monitor and open them so that they show up only there and not on the 1st monitor.

                Opening multiple filemaker files on one computer is not a problem! It sounds like your monitor set-up may be the problem.

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                  To answer one question, I can move my Filemaker session from one screen to another and once I minimized it. Then I stretched the files to the screen size. But the issue I have with this option is that I can't manage each database at the same time. I can only do this for one file at a time. I want to be able to manage each database at the same time. With only one session open, I can't. That's why I wanted to know if I can open two different sessions. Can I do it?

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                    You can open multiple filemaker files at the same time in one session and have a window for each file open and side by side--whether you have one monitor or two.

                    These two side by side windows will both be inside the filemaker application window--that gives you three windows, the application window and two smaller windows, one for each file. If your files open in maximized state, open both first, then click the middle window control of the application window to break the file windows free from the application window. You can then drag and resize the file windows to position them side by side.

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                      I don't want to open multiple files in one session right now, which I know I can do. I want to be able to open up two different filemaker sessions, if that's possible. If not, then I'll have to take longer creating my database files. If no one knows how to do it, that's fine.

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                        What I'm not getting is what problem you are solving by opening the files in separate sessions. Looks to me that opening both files in the same session would work for you.

                        Presumably, you could use two work station user accounts to open two sessions--but haven't tried that option.

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                          What I'm trying to do and maybe you can tell me if I can do it in the one session, is have the "manage database" screen open for both files that I'll have open in the one session at the same time. Right now, I can only have the screen open one at a time in the file that I'm working in. I would like to see the relationships screen for each file that I have open at the same time to reference them.

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                            Got it.

                            So you want to see Manage Database and also see the file's layouts and other stuff at the same time. Hence the two sessions.

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                              That's correct.