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Multiple filters on a portal

Question asked by MarkGores on Jan 29, 2015
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Multiple filters on a portal


I have a table of test plans that contains fields for Customer, part type and spec

I am trying to set up a portal for a user to select a plan on the Job layout.  I set up 3 global search fields for the portal to use in the filter, but can't get the filters to restrict based on values each time. 

i.e. I type Boeing in the customer field and it filters to just show the Boeing plans.  Now I want to narrow that down to part type = diode, but when I type diodes it shows all Boeing plans AND all plans for diodes rather than restricting the results, it expands them.  I am using "or" in the filter so I guess that makes sense, but if I change it to "and" I don't get any results.

Is there a way to do this through a portal?