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Multiple Find Criteria Script not Filtering multiple records?

Question asked by simmka on Mar 12, 2013
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Multiple Find Criteria Script not Filtering multiple records?


     I've created two layouts. One has several global fields that a user can enter information into any of the fields and then click a "find" button to take them to another printer friendly layout with all of the criteria that they inputted into the previous layout's global fields. On the printer friendly layout is where the fields that store the original data are located. The script in question goes to the printable layout and enters find mode and sets the print layout's fields with the global field search criteria respectively and performs a find on the matching gField to textField data. So the data that the user is putting in the global fields on the one layout is found and shown on the printable layout. I'm concerned that I haven't executed this correctly, though. because I want this script to perform a find on any and all of the criteria that is inputted into these global fields and have it populate on the other layout.  I want it to work on any and all criteria (but ONLY the criteria) that's entered in the global field. For example, right now if I put in "5" in the quantity field, it looks like it is finding any record that has a "5" in it at all. If that is too confusing, has anyone successfully done something like this? With multiple global fields going into a find script and populating on another layout?

     The script is:

     Set error capture on

     Go to layout [printable layout]

     enter find mode

     set field [table::field1;table::gfield1]

     new record/request

     set field [table::field2;table::gfield2]

     (several more of those repetitions)

     Perform find


     I do notice that the new record request step is actually temporarily creating a new record.


     Anyways, if anyone can help I greatly appreciate it. Hopefully I've explained well enough :).