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Multiple Find Requests

Question asked by PhilHopkinson on Oct 8, 2012
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Multiple Find Requests


     Hi All,

     I am having problems trying to get multiple find requests, I have used the CMD + N command which has produced the right results, but then I need to add a file ref search, which brings up more than one ref and thats not correct.

     The first search is for Post codes 44 in total, this is so I can remove them or see what post codes are in the file, then I want to pull up the file ref so I am only searching from a certain file.

     I decided to reimport the file again in a new Layout, but then I have found you cant use the same find request, which means each time i would have to add 44 post codes manualy, I am beginning to think Microsoft Access was a better option, but because I am a Mac user I was recommeded this!


     Somene please help.