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    Multiple Find Requests



      Multiple Find Requests


           Hi All,

           I am having problems trying to get multiple find requests, I have used the CMD + N command which has produced the right results, but then I need to add a file ref search, which brings up more than one ref and thats not correct.

           The first search is for Post codes 44 in total, this is so I can remove them or see what post codes are in the file, then I want to pull up the file ref so I am only searching from a certain file.

           I decided to reimport the file again in a new Layout, but then I have found you cant use the same find request, which means each time i would have to add 44 post codes manualy, I am beginning to think Microsoft Access was a better option, but because I am a Mac user I was recommeded this!


           Somene please help.


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               What type of records are you searching?  What are Post Codes? Reimport from what program? Find requests can be saved in scripts.
               Coke or Pepsi, arguments can be made for either.

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                 Can you describe what you are doing in more detail? It's not at all clear what you are doing here.

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                   I am basically importing name and address information into seperate Layouts. EG:
                   Each file has a column header from excell called "File Ref" I then search one of the layouts in file ref for example FUN071012 would produce from the find request 809 records matching the ref: FUN071012, I then need to drill down further into the 809 records and pull up records matching the Post code field.

                   I have tried to add another request but this does not bring up the results it tells me the search has 1253 records so it must be looking at the whole base and not the 809 records.




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                     When you add a second request, you are using inclusive find logic: "find all records with file ref "FUN071012" OR that have the specified post code.

                     Put both criteria into the same request and then the logic becomes AND instead of OR.

                     You can also refine the results of one find request by returning to find mode, specifying your criteria and then selecting "constrain found set" from the records menu instead of Perform Find.

                     Please note that I am assuming that you are searching a single table from a single layout with this criteria. Also please note that a "layout" and a "table" are not the same thing even though you frequently have both a layout and a table with exactly the same name.

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                       Thanks for the reply, it almost works the only problem I am having is some of the data is not being brought up on a search for example I look at the 809 records and find the Coventry Post Code which is CV21 7GH so to find this I put CV## in the post code box, the results are 7 records.

                       But when I Omit these and look at whats left there are still Post codes with CV in the list, what should I type to ensure I get all of them?




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                         Could some of them have more or less than 2 numeric digits after the CV?

                         If so, try CV* or just CV

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                           Hi thanks again,


                           i have tried the above and for some reason it still does not work, it does work if you put the post code on its own this makes no sense to me!

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                             Is the field defined as type text or type number? It should be text but a number field in FileMaker will allow you to enter text as well as numbers and all looks fine until you have to sort or search on it...

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                               Hi Thanks Again,


                               Its a Text field, I have tried many diffrent methods and it seems that Filemaker is not reliable enough for me, I have had to resort back to my manual method of using Excell, where I sort the file by post code, putting them all alphabeticaly>

                               Then I just search for each post code individually and remove the ones its finds, at least this way I know the final figure is correct and the data that remains is the right data.

                               Each time I ran this in file maker I got diffrent answers.

                               EG I had 809 Records
                               I Then asked it to find the Post codes B,CV I then get results with 711 or 702 the total of B and CV is 65 so it should leave 744 which is what I got from doing it in Excell.

                               I dont think I can trust filemaker to get this right each time and I can't afford to not send the correct data to my clients.????



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                                 I think you need to describe your data and your actions in more detail. FileMaker is quite reliable when it comes to searches and sorts. If you are getting different results each time, that suggests one of two possibilities:1) the find method used each time was not identical or 2 ) (Unlikely but possible) your field index where you are specifying search criteria has become damaged for some reason.

                                 Indexes can easily be rebuilt to rule out that possibility. You can also upload a file to a sharing site and post the down load link here if you'd like me to take a quick look at it.