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Multiple find using several globals (scripts)

Question asked by kilbot on Feb 16, 2010
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Multiple find using several globals (scripts)


This is the script that I'm using below, however something is wrong. I have several global fields and would like to perform a find. If there is no data in the first global field I would like it to go on to the next global field in the script. If there is data in both globals then I would like it to look for both. Hope someone can help thanks.

Go To Layout ["Table View DBE"(DBE Listing)]
Set Error Capture [On]
Enter Find Mode []
Set Field [ DBE listing::g_Business_Firm_ID; DBEListing::Firm ID]
New Record/Request
Set Field [ DBE listing::g_Business_Name_Firm; DBEListing::Business_Name_Firm]
Perform Find []
#// Check result and if no records found alert user.
If [ Get ( FoundCount ) = 0 ]

Show Custom Dialog ["Message" ; "No Records Found."]
Go To Layout ["Form View CEU"(Contract Management)]
Enter Browse Mode []

End If