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Multiple find with omits

Question asked by MickeyHoyle on Jan 29, 2012
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Multiple find with omits


Hi guys,


Im fairly new to FileMaker and am trying to write a simple tool for my boss to see who he can call when someon calls in sick for a certain shift. 

I have two databases : one with all the staff including the different functions they're allowed withint the company (some can do a and b but not c etc) and one with all the shifts.

Lets say that John calls in sick for his shift on Wednesday with function A. My boss now wants to find people allowed on function A who are not working on Wednesday afternoon and who are obviously not John.

I came up with a layout with three fields





Obvviously I need a script tha searches the records of the shifts table for people and omits the name entered, the day entered and includes the function entered. 

The name and day field are drop down value lists, the function field I'm not sure about since the functions are entered in the staff table in a checkbox value list that doesn't relate to a table (I entered the values for the checkbox manually since I thought it stupid to make a table with just a couple of records for each function).


8 hope anyone can help me