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Multiple finds

Question asked by TimHorton on Mar 17, 2014
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Multiple finds


     I'm sorry if this question has a really simple solution.I just can see anything anymore, so I need your help...


     I need to script a find request that would : Let's pretend I have a dispatch center.


     I need to find a driver available to leave on June 5 until June 7.

     Each day of the year is a record for each driver in my table.

     So DRIVER "A" would have 365 records, where each is a day. Same for DRIVER "B".

     I have a Date field, an Availability field and a ID_Staff fied.


     I need to find all driver that:

     Date = Departure date (June 5) and availability is yes

     Date = Return date (June 7) and availability is also yes

     And the find should "find" which has both condition as YES.


     Hope this is clear?

     Please help...