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Multiple Functions?

Question asked by RichardStrohman on Feb 27, 2014
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Multiple Functions?


     Hello everyone.

     I trying to help a friend with a database he is making.  What he has are quantity fields and then an add field for each quantity field.  An example would be "BoltQty1" and  "BoltAdd1".  He has about ten or so of each field with a different number for each. (eg. BoltQty2 and BoltAdd2 ect...)

     Anyway what he does is put the amount of bolts in the BoltQty field and then when he gets more bolts in he put the number in the BoltAdd field and presses a button that adds them together.  The result replaces the existing value in the corresponding BoltQty field.

     He would like to make a script that adds all of the fields separately, for example BoltQty1 = BoltQty1 + BoltAdd1 and so on.  Then he wants the BoltAdd fields to go to zero.

     Is there a way to do this simply or will he have to do a calculated result for each of the ten fields?