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Multiple input options for the same field

Question asked by pi-comm on Dec 30, 2013
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Multiple input options for the same field



     I have a database set up with various tables (customers/products etc).

     The database is used by engineers who input the asset ID and the fields are populated from the other tables.

     However, there are some times that the database will not have the info, such as when new machinery is being serviced.  

     Can I set it up so that a if the data is not available, the engineers can manually complete the form, without having to enter the info in each table?  Perhaps a script with a button for manual input?

     If that is possible, is there a way to then update the other tables with the new info (i.e. the customer contact details etc).  therefore linking the tables in the opposite direction as normal?

     I know the obvious answer is to get the engineer to add the customer/asset each time but I think this is too complex for them and want the easiest setup possible.

     Thanks for any help.