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Multiple Keywords for Contact Management

Question asked by SilentOne on Jul 31, 2010
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Multiple Keywords for Contact Management



We're new to FMPro and trying to figure how we can best use it for contact management for our small business. The software we've been using up until now has given us the option to assign any number of keywords (academic, television, director, producer, etc.) to individual contact records, and search the database by entering either a single keyword or a combination of keywords. We would like to be able to replicate this function in FMPro

So far we've been working from the contact management layout/template. Can anyone explain to me specifically what kind of customization we would need to do to this template to allow us to enter and search by keyword/multiple keywords? Ultimately we will also be importing a few thousand records from our old database using a spreadsheet, and any option/suggestion that would allow us to avoid reentering the keywords for each record would also be ideal.

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