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Multiple language fields

Question asked by macx on Sep 23, 2009
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Multiple language fields


I cannot get my head around a particular problem but I am sure there is an easy solution.

Can someone help or knock up a small database I can download and look at?


Here is an example of what I am trying to achieve.


3 fields, 1 spanish, 1 french, 1 english


They each have value lists assigned to them containing the numbers written in each language, so the English field would have 'one', 'two' and 'three' as its values, if I select 'one' as the value for the English field I want uno & un to appear in the Spanish and French fields, alternatively if I select an entry in another language I want the corresponding entry in the other language fields to be displayed.


I'm not using numbers but it helps to relay my quandary, I want the unused language fields to display the corresponding entry from its own value list.


The particular layout will be used by different language speakers and then re visited by say another language speaker so everything needs to be 'translated' as it were, on the fly as data is entered.