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multiple languages possible?

Question asked by kangping on Dec 12, 2010
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multiple languages possible?


hi everybody.

right now i am evaluating filemaker for usage in our agency (full-service design/production).
i'm pretty impressed by the ease of use and possibilities filemaker could give us, but i have one question.
since we are an international team i would like to produce the database in three different languages.
would this be possible and how would one hook up the tables for this? i am thinking of a table for the UI translation (would be the easiest to administre, i guess) and the layouts just take the translation they need
at the moment from this table.

is this possible? would someone be kind enough to point me how to do it? i'm still in the trial period and
would be happy to find out how this works ... that would make filemaker totally a no-brainer.

best regards,