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Multiple Layout and OPEN URL issue

Question asked by DougHernandez on Nov 15, 2011
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Multiple Layout and OPEN URL issue


I work for an organization that puts on events for students. I am using FMP 11 for a simple sign up sheet, and was running into a problem with layouts. I have 3 layouts,default,new and new_reply. The default layout is a "hello welcome to x event" please continue to signup. They click next which then takes them to new layout where they can fill in their name and information. Once they hit submit(and the record is commited), it sends them to the last layout new_reply. This essentially says thank you for signing up. The problem is that on the internet the URL for each layout is the same, so once they have filled out one record, they have no way of going back to default unless they close the browser completely. I was wondering if there is anyway to make each layout url unique or somehow control the flow a different way. My resolution for this problem was to only have a new layout so that they can enter their information and redirect them to our homepage. This led me to my final problem that once they have filled out their information, and hit submit I have no way of redirecting the page to a website because Open URL opens in a new tab and fails to close the page. Any help would be greatly appreciated