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Multiple layout forms to propagate one row

Question asked by JasonWildschut on Feb 7, 2011
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Multiple layout forms to propagate one row


I am sorry in advance if this is answered elsewhere (I have spent a week and multiple search terms and have not identified an answer).

I am new to Filemaker and I am making a log book database. Each entry will primarily be made on an iPhone with FilemakerGo installed.

The table has approximately 40 columns which are a combination of text and yes or no (ie patient demographics and then yes and no answers to procedures performed).

Due to the iPhone entry I would like to distribute the entry forms over multiple layout forms.

Ideally I would the input to take no more than a minute to enter using the above mentioned forms and "buttons" for entry of the yes or no questions.

Again I appologise if this is answered elsewhere, just let me know where.