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Multiple Layouts

Question asked by PlatinumDigital on Nov 27, 2011
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Multiple Layouts


I have only recently started using FileMaker professionally and am completely in love with it. I can't believe how easy it is to use. I've really only been on it for two days and am already further along than I've been in two years.

My problem is this. I have multiple databases that all need to link together at some point and thought that with a recommendation from some people that I may be better off having them all in the one file under different layouts. Could someone please recommend if this would be the best approach as it would be easier to fix it all now rather than later when I have another 5 odd databases.

I've included a screen-grab of 4 screens as I have them as separate databases currently and the flow order from screen to screen. My aim very simply is to link the details of the 'Contacts' (people) back to be listed at the bottom of the 'Clients' (company) page. As I currently don't know enough about FileMaker; Is it going to cause problems later on if all these databases are in one file as different layouts or will it make it even more simplified.

I look forward to your opinions.