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    Multiple Layouts



      Multiple Layouts


           Can I create multi-page layouts? Meaning, can I make certain layouts multiple pages, where my header will print on each page, and where I can possible do "page breaks"?

           Thank you in advance! 


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               I am assuming in my answer that you are printing data from a single record in the layout's table and you want the resulting report to be more than one page in length. The details differ if this is a list view layout consisting of many records in the layout's found set.

               In layout mode click on the border between the body and the footer and drag down to increase the height of the body. You can make the body several pages long this way. If you first use Print setup to select the correct printer, page size and page orientation options, a line will appear to show you where the page will break.

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                 You are assuming correctly. Basically, I want to create a document inside of a layout, so that the information can be integrated between layouts. We will only print documents (layouts) for a specific record at one time. 

                 Thank you for your help in this matter. That worked perfectly, and prints the header on each page.

                 Couple other questions...

                 I inserted the page number symbol on the footer, but it is not showing the page numbers on each printed page... any ideas? 

                 I''m sure I am just missing it, but I need to create numbered lists? 


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                   The page number symbol should work when you print, print, preview or save as PDF. It will not show a value in browse mode.