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    Multiple lines on graph from one table



      Multiple lines on graph from one table


           Is it possible to put multiple lines from a single table. I have an execute find to get the general location but then want different lines for the specific locations to chart a count for each over a period of time. I can produce a single line graph for each but want to group these to reduce the numbers from ~30 to 6 charts. I am using Filemaker Pro 11. Thanks

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               Within certain limitations it is possible, though not necessarily easy to do. The number of lines in the chart will be fixed, not variable. Each line needs to refer to a different field or delimited series of values. In FileMaker 12, you have the option of using ExecuteSQL to produce such a delimited data series. In FileMaker 11, the same result usually requires defining a relationship that matches to the set of data you want to chart in one line of the chart.