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    multiple linked databases



      multiple linked databases


      Im trying to set up a system that uses a core main database thats linked to sub datbases that use some of the same names from the main database we may have 1500 names in the main list and the sub lists may only have 500 of these same names but when we update or delete from the main list we want the changes to be linked/appear in the sub databases, we would want about 20 sub databases one for each of our clients is this possible to set up in Filemaker? Many Thanks in advance.

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          You never want to use fields that contain meaningful data as key fields: i.e., do not use names to link the tables. Instead use ID fields that are not accessible to users.


          Are you sure that it's even necessary to use 20 "sub" tables? Duplication of data is also generally best to avoid as much as possible. 

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            Thank you for your post.


            "Fitch" hit the nail on the head.  That is, is it necessary to have 20 sub-databases?  You may want to create some scripts or access privileges that limit the records that can be viewed.  This would allow everyone to look at one database file, but have 20 different views into the file.  That way, if a record is removed, you don't have to worry about deleting it from a separate database.


            If it is necessary to have 20 sub-databases, how about creating a button that marks a record for deletion (by putting a value into a field).  Then, when you close the file, it would find all records in the sub-databases and remove them, before deleting the "marked" record.  Does that make sense?



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