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Multiple Lookups in a database

Question asked by mark81 on May 9, 2012
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Multiple Lookups in a database


I have 2 databases - one customer database - each customer having a unique id, another one, which lists Jobs, however some jobs have 2 customers.  I have field in this database Customer ID (which is the lookup unique ID), and Name 1, Address 1, Phone 1.  Then I have another Customer ID #2 which lookups the same unique ID from the other database), and the fields Name2, Address 2, and so on.  It seems to be  working however when I type in the customer ID it fills ALL fields including the 2nd lookup fields.  Is there a way I can get this working so I can lookup 2 individual customers, (without having to create a 2nd database for 2nd customers.

I hope people get what I mean, it is hard to explain.