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Multiple Lookups, Help Please !

Question asked by DaveDave on Sep 21, 2012
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Multiple Lookups, Help Please !


     Hi All, Manged to get a good looking service report going with lots of little tricks but need help on the last part of the form, which has been bugging me for weeks and cant find an answer.

     I have three columns -  Qty, Items,  Cost.

     this is then repeated ten times. for ten separate items.

     What I'm trying to achieve is some form of look up. from another table.

     Click on the Items box and that in turn produces a drop down list of parts from a separate table ( Parts Table ). When the part is selected it automatically puts in the price in the cost column. ( Cost will come from the Parts Table )

     I assume I should be using the look up command in someway, but don't know how to implement it.

     Any help much appreciated.