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Multiple M:M Relationships in Portal

Question asked by mercator on Dec 23, 2013
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Multiple M:M Relationships in Portal


Good afternoon,

     I am getting nuts with a problem I cannot solve:

I got 4 tables
R(idR, ...)
T(idT, ...)
C(idC, ..., score NUMBER)
A(idA, ...)

The tables have M:M relationships
RT(idR_R, idT_T)
TC(idT_T, idC_C)
CA(idC_C, idA_A)

     I'd like to do the following: On layout for A, I'd like to show a portal, presenting related records from table R. However, I'd like to only show the records from R, if the minimum of the score field is > 0 (the problem, I think, is that a record in R has more than "one way" of being related to A through the C table and I do not know how to do that minimum calculation).

Thanks a lot for your help and happy holidays,