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Multiple origins and destinations through portals

Question asked by Max_1 on Jun 25, 2013
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Multiple origins and destinations through portals


     Hi all,

     I am trying to accomplish a ‘tracking’ system for products.

     For easier reference this is a possible scenario: Product A’ is in ‘Shanghai’ in ‘China’ in the area ‘Far East’ on the ‘17th July’ and will be delivered to ‘Barcelona’ in ‘Spain’ in the area ‘Med’ on the ‘28th July’

     Two tables whereas the ‘Locations’ table is linked to the ‘Products’ table and I managed the basic functionality though a portal, but I am having difficulties when it comes to variations of the described scenario above. For instance I might not have the city where the product will be delivered to, but only the country or sometimes only the area. Further the origin of the product might be limited to the country only.

     When I select 'Shanghai' the values 'China' and 'Far East' are obvious, but when the only information 'China' is available it does not mean the 'City' will be Shanghai, hence would I want the field to be blank, same when selecting the area only.

     My initial idea was to work with invisible fields and lookups, like this: 

     If ‘City’ is empty then unhide the dropdown lookup field ‘lookup_countries’ on top of the portal field, but doubt I am heading the right way with that ?

     Every idea is appreciated.

     Thanks again