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Multiple Page Breaks - Blank pages

Question asked by bobrogers on Jul 22, 2009
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Multiple Page Breaks - Blank pages


<!--  StartFragment  -->I’m having problems with blank pages (no records) showing up preview in a layout with multiple page breaks and multiple summary parts t in FM9.  I’ve recreated the scenario in a brand new test DB to make sure the existing db was not damaged.  Problem still exists.  I have 5 fields, 4 of them summary parts.  All above the body.  The first 3 have “Page Break before..” selected, the fourth no page break, just a summary.  The fifth field is in a body part.  I proprogate the fields with test data, 6 or so records. Sorted by all fields in order of the part creation.  When previewing I get at blank page (no body record), for each of the first two summaries, then a regular page with sum groupings for all along with body records.

As I play back an forth with select Page Break before vs after I sometimes can get different results, such as only one blank page with summary of the first two parts and then a page with summaries and records.  But I never get my desired results, no blank pages.

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts.

<!--  EndFragment  -->