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    Multiple page layout....



      Multiple page layout....


      Good morning All, 


      I have created a layout to be used for quoting.  The typical quote will be 3 - 4 pages long.  In the Edit Layout screen, I have 'drug' the little page button down to encompass 4 pages, and I've placed all of my goodies stacked on top of eachother.


      My problem is this:


      When I create a new record (quote) and go to 'preview,' it seems that FM has not considered each 4 page layout a separate record.  It has grouped all the 4-pages together.  



      What am I missing?




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          (trying to imagine what you're seeing).  If you are previewing a found set of records, preview may be showing you the entire found set...one after the other.  Reduce your found set to 1 record and see what that looks like.


          In printing options (when you go to print to hardcopy) you'll have the choice to print current record, records being browsed, or all records...it sounds like you may be viewing 'records being browsed' via preview and have more than one in the found set.


          Is that it?

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            Thanks for your response.  Here is what I've been doing, and what happens.


            #1. I create a new record in the Quotes layout.

            #2. I run a script that places 3 PDF's (one on top of the other).  In the 'edit layout' mode, I have extended the 'body button' (page length) to about 30" to accommodate the three PDF's.

            #3. After the script is complete, I push the 'preview button', hoping to see one record that has three pages.  I have done this 3 times now, so preview is showing 9 pages.


            Does this help?





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              If you omit two of the records, so your found set is just one record?

              You should see the one record of three pages.

              Preview shows the found set and how it would print.