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    multiple page portal printing



      multiple page portal printing


      Is there a way to apply this method of printing to FMP11 (link below)?  I made what I thought were the appropriate changes and it is definitely not outputting the results I'm looking for.


      Thank you!

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          Not a method I'd choose. It's far simpler to print from a list view layout based on the portal's table. Fields from the Parent table can be added to header, footer, grand summary or sub summary parts to display data from the parent record. The report will then automatically handle muliple page printing so this makes for a vastly simpler approach.

          The Invoices Starter Solution that comes with Filemaker 11 uses this method to print an invoice so you might take a look at it and see how it works.

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            Hello Phil,


            Is there a way to set up a page footer which obviously appears at the bottom of every page and finally a "trailing footer" that only appears on the last page where the customer signs the document agreeing to the conditions of the contract?


            The only way I see it working is by doing the following:

            1. Setting up the body to page break after N occurrences (this case roughly 20).

            2. Create a sub-summery part that sorts by a page break field.  Before printing I launch a script which counts all the occurrences, assigns a 1 to the page break field for the first 20 occurrences, a 2 to the second set of 20 occurrences etc etc.

            3. Create a Trailing Grand Summery part that places itself at the end of the document where it contains all the contract conditions and the signing section.

            I'd imagine this would work but it's a heck of a work around for something as simple as a "footer" and "trailing footer" option.  Seems upside down to have a title footer.

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              We use a similar report design here where we want a total for each page.

              You could use conditional formatting to hide the text on the footer of the last page.

              I think,

              Get ( RecordNumber ) = Get (FoundCount)

              might be used to hide the text on the footer of the last page in some cases.

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                I'm not crazy concerned about having a total at the bottom of each page although I may get around to that at some point.  What I'm more concerned about is having the the following appear in the correct order when I print.

                Part 1: Company logo and contact information, I'll also add the page count. (Currently labeled "Header" in the layout, appears at the top of eahc page)

                Part 2: Contract detail breakdown, contact info etc etc.  (Currently labeled "Title Header" in the layout, appears right after the header on the first page only)

                Part 3: Contract transactions (Currently labeled "Body" in the layout, I'm on list mode so this grows and shrinks with the amount of transactions each contract has)

                -- so far the above works exactly how I want it to, the following is how I'd LIKE the rest of the document to work --

                Part 4: A section for comments and additional details that acts much like a footer (placing itself at the bottom of each page till the last page where I would like one last part to display itself directly under this section)

                Part 5: A section for signing the contract and agreeing to the conditions.  (I want this to work much like a Title footer works only it would place itself directly under the last footer on the last page only.  I only want to see it on the last page right at the bottom of the document.)  From what I gather this isn't possible, am I wrong?

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                  It's not impossible, just not simple to do.

                  If each record in the body is always the same height, (no sliding fields to make it unpredictable), you could "pad" your report with some empty records at the end of yoru found set to push the trailing grand summary down to the bottom of the last page.

                  Whether that complcation is worth the fairly small change in appearance is a decision you'll have to make.

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                    I think there's a small confusion, what I'm looking to do is add a "final footer" at the very end of the contract yet still have a normal footer appear at the bottom of all pages otherwise.  Only on the last page would you see the last entries from the body, followed by the usual footer that we see at the bottom of everyother page and then finally a "final footer" that doesn't appear anywhere else on the contract but at the very very end and only once.

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                      I assumed your Sub summary part was taking the place of the footer for all but the last page, where your trailing grand summary took on that role.

                      If so, you'd pad the record set to move the final sub summary part to the bottom of the next to last page and size the trailing grand summary part to position it as desired on the final page of your report.

                      Another approach is to use the save as PDF script step to first create a PDF of the first part of your report, then switch layouts and use Save as PDf with the append option to append the final page.